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Aug 26

Summer Sale 50% Off Selected Products

With the end of summer looming I thought it would be a great opportunity to cheer everyone up with a summer sale. I have selected 12 great products and slashed the price by 50% and slashed the girly block pack by an awesome 70%.

check out whats on sale below:

[wpsc_products category_id=’99’ ]

Aug 12

Scenes might be the way forward

As you may have noticed, we have a new set of products on the store by the way of ‘Scenes’ which are our new graphic packs with a difference.  So instead of doing it by game style or theme we have tried it by ‘scene’.  The first set of scenes include:

Futuristic Background Scene Farm Scene Street Scene Mine / Cave Scene

Each scene consist of various graphics which can used to make that scene.  These are ideal for scrolling games that require a ‘general’ repeating background.  As always, you get the vector files as well so you can edit and customize however you like to differentiate it from others.  However, I wouldn’t worry too much about that as I rarely sell more than 5 copies of anything 🙂

If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to pop them in the pot! – contact me here!

Check out all the scenes below:

[wpsc_products category_id=’96’ ]

Aug 12

1 Month Review – Site Updates

It’s been a crazy few months for me as my daughter Lucy was born in March and so I had to take a break from designing custom graphics and so instead I created which was supposed to help earn money whilst I was being a daddy.

A month after launch I have decided that Graphic Buffet could be a viable project but I will need to populate it with more that 50 products (although it’s hundreds of files) moving forward. Thanks to feedback from customers I have made various updates to the site. Just some of the improvements that have been made over the past few weeks are:

Streamlining the checkout process so it does not ask for so much information Adding an essential contact us page Splitting the products up into categories on one easy to scan page Additional downloads in My Account area More Freebies

I will be adding a host of new files to the website soon and will look at promoting on more than 2 forums

I also hope to have another big sale soon.

Keep posted on all the freebies and sales by following me on twitter @debugdesign

Aug 11

Yay – 1 month old

Thanks to all the twitter followers that have joined the feast that is – 1 month old and still going – 60 products and counting and plenty in the pipeline.  Feel free to suggest any graphics you think would be good to see on our hot plates.

Coming soon:

Wizards Emu’s Dart boards & Darts Cannons Mini cars

But need a file quick, then head over to our freebies section to grab the latest free file

Aug 01

July Price Crash and Newsletter

The July price crash is now over and I think a few of you managed to take advantage of the great offers across the store. The prices were slashed to allow budding young (and old) developers the chance to get some quirky graphics in their game at a fraction of the cost of buying bespoke artwork.

I know this is a niche market so I will never make my million but it’s great to be able to help the little guy, so they can become the big guy…  The other day I saw an Angry Birds board game and then in a car I saw a plush angry birds cuddly toy.  Just think, that could be one of us one day.

With that thought in mind, I best get back to creating graphics as I really need to plump up my stock.


Any suggestions are welcome…

Jul 21

First week overview

We managed to survive launch day with only a couple of minor hiccups and now we have survived our first week.  Sadly I have not made enough to retire just yet, if fact, I could have just about got myself lunch everyday so sales are not as hot as I would have hoped.

Stupid Me!

After spending a busy weekend drawing and preparing a number of ‘ocean’ related graphics for the Gamesalad competition organised by Stormy Studio I discovered days later that entrants are not allowed to use purchased graphics!!!

Which is crazy as it means those who are better at graphics have an unfair advantage as the gamesalad platform means the development side is a level playing field (aside from experience).

Anyway, my only hope is to get get some sales once the competition has been judged and people then my upgrade their graphics.

here’s hoping!

Jul 16

Tomorrow is Soft Launch Day!

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard to create various graphics which can be used in various games created by the Gamesalad community.  I hope to create 2-3 graphics a day for the shop and maybe do commissions at the same time.

I might offer commissions with two prices, one for sole use and one for general use.  Sole use will mean the graphics are just for that client to use and general will mean they can go in the shop (after a time period).  Much to think about me thinks…

Jul 01

First post… The story begins…

Welcome to Graphic Buffet – an online resource for game graphics for use with the Gamesalad game engine.

Here you will find the weird and the wonderful to create fun games on the iphone and ipad.

Right now, nobody knows this site exists as we are a month from Launch so if you stumble on this news item before mid June… well done you!