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Mar 11

List of 5 of the Best Airplay Enabled Games for Apple TV

Airplay Enabled Games for Apple TV has increased in numbers considerably. Many third-party developers are taking up the challenge to create games that can be appealing and easy to play on Apple TV. These developers have made the games so that they could be translated smoothly from small screen to the bigger screen. There are 4-5 million users of Apple TV. Here is the list of games for Apple TV.

Real Racing 2 was one of the early ones that got used to IOS Airplay and still one of the best games. The game is also available in HD version. The price without HD is $4.99 while with HD is $6.99. It is like bridging the gap between the mobile games and console games. While one is playing the game on TV, the iOS device shows the tracks.

Touchgrind BMX is another favorite game that people would love to play using Airplay. Touchgrind was already there in the market but now it has got the support for AirPlay. This game has the cost $4.99. It allows the player to control the MBX. There are 3-D visuals that give amazing effect and the game is worth purchase. The iOS device can be used to control the ride on the TV through AirPlay.

Modern Combat 3:Fallen Nation is one of the most interesting game that was released earlier on iOS and is now available on AirPlay. The graphics are excellent and are comparable to that of the Console game like Call of Duty. With AirPlay , this one of the best first-person shooter games is just superb. The game which has the cost of $6.99 allows the player to go on a long mission from Los Angles to Pakistan.

FIFA 12 is the game for all. Whether a person like soccer or not, this Airplay enabled game which has the cost $4.99(the normal version) and $9.99(HD version) is fun filled. The players can enjoy everything that happens in the real soccer world. Right from trading of players to jersey changing, all the activities that can happen on the soccer ground and the backstage can be found in this Airplay enabled game. The players would need EA’s Gamepad from the app store to control the players on the TV using Airplay on the iOS device. Two iPhones can be used at the same time so one can have a head-on-match along with the friend to enjoy the maximum out of FIFA 12.

Finally, Chopper 2 ($2.99) is the sequel of the popular Chopper game for iOS device. It has got unique game play with about 35 missions that are planned over 12 locations and 2 choppers. The price is much more reasonable and it looks great on the big screen but with only two choppers and no downloadable content it has limited game play.

With the Ouya on the horizon, Apple TV have a great opportunity to get a console in the home. With rumors of blue tooth connectivity on future Apple TV boxes this opens up the possibility of peripherals to be connected and more games to be added. We wait with baited breath to see what the technology giant is going to do.

windows 8 apps for marketing

Jan 25

Windows 8 Apps All Marketers Should Have

Windows 8 is gaining momentum at a rate that is making competitors sit up and take notice. The new operating system from the software giant isn’t only great for the PC or the laptop, it’s designed to work wonders on tablets and smartphones as well. And with smartphone computing comes a whole range of apps you can now download onto your Windows phone, and use them on your Windows PC as well.

If you work in marketing, you want to get up to speed with the new Windows 8 OS and maximize the benefits of easier, faster, more organized computing. But what apps are out there? Here are 5 of the top apps for marketing proffesionals who just love to play with their Windows 8.

1. Skydrive – Storing files have come so far from the ancient floppy disk. An important trend to keep an eye on, and employ, is the use of cloud storage. Skydrive is Windows’ answer to Apple’s iCloud and Ubuntu’s “Ubuntu One” cloud. Skydrive lets users store and sync data online so that you can access that data on a different device in any location. And unlike both the iCloud and Ubuntu cloud which allow 5GB of free storage space, the Skydrive app for Windows 8 offers 7GB of storage. And that’s storage that you can access anytime, virtually anywhere you want.

2. Toolbox – Multitasking is the norm not only in marketing, as people are genetically wired to do many things at the same time. And Toolbox is just the perfect Windows 8 app to help you achieve this. What Toolbox does is to subdivide your screen into two, three, and even six sections so you can see your apps all at once. Switching between tabs, which would sometimes lead to accidental tab/window closing, will soon be a thing of the past with the Toolbox app around.

3. News Bento – With the top news networks and broadsheets providing you with news online with websites and apps, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest news seems like it won’t get any easier. But with the News Bento app, it just did. It displays news headlines and pictures from different sources as multiple boxes on your screen that you can click to view in full without having to switch to a browser app.

4. One Note MX – How do you put down ideas? Do you like writing or typing them up? Or did you say goodbye to your pen and snap shots of what your boss/professor wrote instead? Maybe you record the discussion on your phone. Maybe you like to draw your own pictures. But what if you do a mix of them at the same time? The One Note MX app for Windows 8 is the best tool out there to compile all your writings, pictures, sound, and doodles so you can easily access and organize them. Keep different notebooks for different topics. You can even write your own to-do list and tick them once they’re done! It’s got more than the flexibility of writing on an actual notebook, without having to waste paper because you wanted to share a funny picture you drew of your boss.

5. Wikipedia – Some say that the main reason why people log on to search engines is to get to a Wikipedia page. Now, the ever-so-reliable online encyclopedia has its own app on the Windows 8! If you’re bored of the usual Wikipedia homepage with just the picture of a globe and a search box, entering the app version gives a whole new experience, with featured pictures at the front. And the articles you get are more phone-friendly, so there isn’t a problem with having to zoom and drag around a webpage.

“Everything at Once” is the name of the Lenka song that became the big Windows 8 catchphrase. With apps like those featured above that make planning and execution easier, faster, and more interesting, can we still disagree?