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Oct 30

Ultimate Online Guide to Video Game Design [Infographic]

The path to video game developer success is long and fraught with danger. It might be easy to have and idea but how do you take make that idea a reality. More than that, how do you make game design and development your life?

Developing video games requires knowledge of many different disciplines. Whilst you might be able to outsource certain aspects of the game build, such as game asset design and music composition, your first few games will require you to envisage, creatively direct, project manage and deliver all by yourself. Sadly, game creation is more than just having a game idea, coding the mechanics and then slapping on some lovely graphics… The modern day indie developer needs to manage the marketing and patiently test the final creation in order to secure some commercial success.

Outside of the game design and development process you may want to think about joining a game development team or established studio in order to gain valuable experience in the industry.

With SO many questions floating around, including those questions that you don’t know to ask yet, wouldn’t it be nice if some kind person or website put together a handy list of resources in an easy to read infographic that would act as an ultimate guide to lead you through the ferocious land of game development…

Thanks to the helpful people over at ‘Online Game Design Schools’ you now have such a document.

Behold, Click here to read The Ultimate Online Guide to Video Game Design



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stencyl game development engine

Apr 27

10 Game Development Tools You Should Know About

Game Engines are an important element for game developers. It eliminates many of the technicalities involved in developing a game and offers game developers the flexibility to focus on building the game. A game engine typically offers wide range of time saving tools for game building. If you are a beginner or a professional developer these top 10 Game development engines will serve as a guide for you to choose the best game engine for your gaming needs.

Unity 3D

The unity 3D game engine is free and comes with a wide array of assets for game building. The WYSIWYG tools offer the flexibility of easily changing or adding things. The Unity3d comes in different programming languages including the C#, Boo and JavaScript. You have the flexibility of combining any of these programming languages during your project and developers can easily play games in the editor. The Unity3d has a user friendly publishing feature. It essentially builds a complete game package with the click of a button. The game engine supports web applications, Mac and Windows. There are available upgrades for iOS and consoles.


The GameSalad development suite makes game building simple and easy. You don’t need to wade through complex codes to develop a game. The GameSalad features check boxes, dropdowns and the oddlist similar to features you will see when using utility software like Photoshop. GameSalad can be published to multiple platforms like the Mac or iPhone as well as to devices using the Android platform like the Nook. The game engine has a real-time editing feature enabling scenes to be edited while the game is in play. The game preview feature allows the testing and debugging of memory usage and performance of games. The scene editor makes it super easy to manipulate actors in a scene. All you need to do is to drag and drop actors to alter how they are visualized in a scene.

Torque 2D

The Torque 2D features a powerful and user friendly 2D game engine. It offers a lot of the features of the 3D game engine which is custom-made for 2D gameplay. This game engine can be published to Mac, Windows, Xbox 360, Wii and the iPhone. The Torque 2 D’s intuitive and powerful editor makes game creation simple and easy, making it is ideal for individuals with little or no experience. The Level Editor features a host of WYSIWYG tools for game designing and editing. The Level Editor is built into the Torque runtime and offers complete access to the entire Torque subsystem. The powerful rendering of the Torque 2D is great for achieving an excellent artistic style.


This is a game engine that can be used to create 2D video games for the web, mobile devices and computers.. Stencyl has extensive platform support. Games built in Stencyl can be released to the web through the Adobe Flash Player and HTML5, to PCs as executable games and can also be exported to various mobile platforms like Android and iOS applications. Stencyl projects use the Haxe programming language and offers flexibility via the NME game framework by using the write once, run anywhere style of game development. The Stencyl application has several modules that can be utilized to create games. These include the Behavior Editor, Tileset Editor, Actor Editor as well as the Scene Designer. Power users are able to import existing code libraries, create and share their own blocks and create customized classes that seamlessly interact with block based behaviors.


This is a suite of Python modules designed for game creation. With its functionality and excellent SDL library, pygame enables the creation of fully featured games in the python language. This software is free and allows you to create free open source. It has an inbuilt sillness that makes game creation fun. It does not require an open GL and uses either directx, windib, X11 in addition to various backends. The Multi Core CPUs can easily be utilized. Pygame is compatible with many operating systems and does not require set up tools or ctypes for installation and its simple and easy to use.


Corona is a robust game engine that features industry standard technologies including Lua, OpenAL and OpenGL. The Corona comes with the Box2D physics engine, Game Center, Facebook Connect and sprite sheets. With the Corona you can access a wide array of features you will need to create an exciting mobile game. You can easily monetize games via advertising and app purchasing. The Corona can be used on the various platforms including iOS, Kindle Fire, Android and NOOK. Games can easily be built with a single codebase and eliminates the complexities involved in game creation. The Corona SDK starter offers free building and publishing of apps for users.

GL Basic

This game engine offers a user friendly, flexible fast to write programming language. GL Basic offers the easiest and most intuitive programming language available making it ideal for writing high performance programs. No need to change the source code when starting your Linux, iPhone development GP2X/Wiz and PocketPC after writing a program, allowing users to concentrate on essentials when building games. GL Basic game engine is free for personal projects on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn programming as a hobby.


Eclipse is a 2D game software based on the FMOD and SDL programming making it ideal for usage across different platforms. This game engine is easy to use and takes care of all the tedious tasks, enabling game developers to focus on other areas during the creation of the game.

RPG Maker VX

The RPG Maker VX features a simple operation that offers game builders the flexibility to create original role playing games with little or no expertise, making it an excellent game engine for beginner developers. The software comes with pre-made features so there is no need to learn the code. Simply build a game by pointing and clicking while adding a little creativity.

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Apr 08

Great Design Tips for your Card Game

Card games are part of all our history, a much loved selection of games that have been enjoyed throughout the globe for centuries past. As with the majority of our much loved favourite games, they have started their movement into the online world, mixing our much loved traditional games like Poker, with more modern, thoughtful games like ‘Modern Art: The Card Game’. Whichever game you choose to pick, you will see a whole new level of design coming into play that blends the traditional symbols and graphics, with 3 dimensional cards, depicting high end imagery.

Designing your own card game has never been more free and full of the chance to get your expression and ideas across. Thinking of designing your own game? Here are our top tips to help you design the next breakthrough card game this year.


There is a wealth of competition out there for this form of game and with the current hype surrounding online casinos, getting your game seen and played will all depend on the ‘hook’ of your concept. Your concept will need to include the game play sequence; this should include strategy, the pace of play and a certain level of random chance. It is these specifics, especially the strategy, that will get players excited in your product.

Once you have this information, then you will have an idea of how the turns are conducted and what the end goal of your game will be. Each card can then be assessed to see what effect it will have on the play sequence in the game. This is also where you can get an idea of graphics, colour schemes and whether you will include static play or animated sequences.

A great example of how little tweaks to strategy and game play can create a new version of a classic card game is Matchplay 21 available at Intertops Casino. This game uses the classic rules of Blackjack, but has made small changes that have added intrigue into this classic. The graphics are beautifully realistic and even more importantly, they are easy to use/understand. This game remains faithful to the original game, but the designers have considered all the features needed for online gaming, the pace of play, what each card does and the clever use of graphics to make it feel like you are really there.

Now that you have covered the ideas of concept and themes, then designing your game can begin. Before contemplating the layout and backdrop to your game, you need to know exactly what you want to say in the simplest way possible. Start by surveying all the cards used in your game and set a top amount of words per card – if your game has wording – or how many images per card. If you can’t make the card clear with a single image, then you may need to re think your concept.

This will help you to set the right style for your context, remember to look at how your symbols will be used in your game. For example if you are creating the next online monster game, then making the symbols light and airy will not work.

The main difference in designing an online game vs. its offline alternative is that you will also need to set the scene; designing the backdrop becomes just as important as the game play itself. There are many points that you will need to consider here. If you are creating the next bog casino based game, then consider the sounds, sights and smells of a real life casino – these will need to be replicated in order to create a realistic environment. You will also need to think about how the background works from level to level, do you want animated, flash backgrounds or a simple static image that creates atmosphere through sound and game play alone.

Finally, create a short demo of your game, this is one of the most important things to do, as this will tell you whether your game is fun or not! A recent report into designing the perfect game, by suggests;

“People make short demos of their game ideas and play-test those demos to see if their games are fun.  They tweak and iterate on their ideas until they’re polished and fun.”

That’s it! Once you have created a plan based on all these points, you will have a workable baseline from which to work up to creating your final game.





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