May 06

Graphic Designing Trends For Success In 2021.

The year 2021 started with a substantial rise in 3D designs, with more compositions yet to come. It’s safe to say that designers are directed towards adding 3D images. More and more depth is added to photographs and 2D objects to create a wholesome artistic look.

Essentially, a huge chunk of credit goes to technological advancement and software essentials for these realistic 3D trends. As for now, these trends have taken the world by storm and they are here to stay.. Let’s look at the 8 topping trends preferred by reputed graphic designing services in 2021.


The idea for a modern design has been revolving around the minimal palette use, since it projects cool visuals and feels. Moreover, it’s also considered as compensation for complex graphics and increased illustrations.

This allows the designer to focus on complicated elements and combine simple colors in limited time. Additionally, it also aids the customer in showing products, with the designs free from complex features.

Art Deco

Considered as a cogent visual art design that popped up after the great World War I, Art Deco comprises practical art motifs in an eclectic style. You can expect all the imagery and materials dating back to the Machine Age. The Deco style is often classified as a result of its bold curves, deluxe colors, geometric structure, and motion lines.

Regardless of the fact that this design is over 100 years old now; it still holds potential for making strong comebacks across many themes if employed correctly with modern sensibilities.


Typography is another design example that has been consistently popular for the past few years. Using lively ideas and abstractions, designers create visual content that is enthusiastic for the viewers. Gradually, typography has shifted to being more artistic resulting from the positive response it has garnered.

Owing to the year 2021, 3D elements such as animation, patterns, and textures have been incorporated into typography. Consequently, this design is now regarded as a creativity symbol, incorporating all the geometric and organic techniques of innovation.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Over the past few years, you might have come across similarities within displayed advertisements and web pages. However, 2021 has declared that layout is “a thing of the past” and with that introduced scattered and asymmetrical grid layouts.

Accordingly, the information would be displayed in a traditional format of squares and rectangles. This compels the user to bring up that curiosity to inspect where the graphics and information would navigate next. This would lead to more website viewing time by users.

Image and Text Masking

Most graphic designers in Canada use the technique of hiding subsequent text or image portions for a mysterious and simplistic look. The masking approach is sure to boost your design to another level. It’s minimalistic and gets the desired levels from potential clients.

Besides, it’s very easy to mask text and images, once the content has been masked, the designer may move to typography for additional design changes.

The Glitch Effect

From the name, you can tell that this design was more of a mistake than anything else. It’s essentially an image distorted to create meaning – and boy does it make sense! The layers of varying colors, combined with irregularity really help in forming this effect.

As far as real applications are concerned, the glitch effect is perfect for horror movies. However, since 2018 there has been no shortage on how graphic designers have started using it as a design tool. Based on current trends we’ll be seeing it throughout 2021; so don’t write off these interesting images yet.

Abstract Designs

Using abstract geometry in designs has been embraced by the modern graphic designing domain. One can observe random placement of shapes combined with grids on posters, websites, and product packaging. Even though it seems new, the design has its roots before the modern era.

It’s obvious that with time, things happen to evolve and this has been the case with abstract designs. Geometry from the past is now being revamped into giving much more appealing looks.

Complex Gradients and Duotones

The year 2020 was all about gradients everywhere. Even companies like Microsoft, Fast and Apple accepted it pretty eagerly which is why this trend has decided to stay for the year 2021 as well. By incorporating a touch of complex gradients to your design actually showcases depth which also looks great on smart devices. So if you are thinking of giving a youthful look to the product display, consider going with these designs!

With trends like muted color schemes being all the rage these days, it’s hard to find an image that stands out from the crowd. However, now there is such a thing as a duotone! Duotones let you mix two colors together which can give off any style or mood while maintaining vibrancy in your design. So go ahead – experiment: try adding some subtle gradients, pastel shades of blues and greens on top of each other…the possibilities are infinite when working with this new technique!


The graphic designing world is on the prowl, and if you’re looking to stay, moving forward is the only way. Whether you do graphic designing occasionally or on a daily basis, it’s best to keep evolving by learning new stuff daily.

These design trends will revolutionize graphic designing in their own unique way. The change is imminent and it’s here to stay.