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Nov 10

How to Utilize Video Effectively on Your Toronto Web Page

The content on your site needs to be both dynamic and engaging if you want your visitors to come back over and over again. Having video on your site isn’t just to complement your content, but it should actually help to improve your rankings in Google by making visitors to your site stay longer. After all, if they have a video to watch, they will be hanging around your site longer than a site without videos. If you are thinking about adding video to your website, here are a few pointers to consider.

More Than Video Directories

Don’t completely depend upon video directories. It’s fine to host your video on free places like YouTube or Vimeo, however, there is the risk that you could lose your content if the account happens to be shut down. There are times when accounts are shut down without even a good reason and they often time won’t even allow you to appeal it. This can devastate your website. So the solution here is to try and host your own videos on your own server or a third party server that you pay for.

Using Mobile Formats

Consider using mobile compatible formats for your video. If you use a widely compatible format for your video, it is going to be very important to your website. Using something like MP4 is going to make your video compatible to most everything including all Apple devices. Whatever you do stay away from the Flash video format, as it is extremely limited to who can view it and can take an extended period of time to load.

Pay Attention to Load Times

Make the load times of your videos as short as possible on your end. Sure, you can’t control the speed of your users Internet connection, but you can help by compressing your video files to make them load faster. Even though quality might be important to you, if your quality is of at least “good” and not HD version people are still going to enjoy it and it is going to take a lot less time to download. Users of your site want stuff here and now, not 10 minutes from now.

It is important that your video is short and to the point. The shorter a video is the better chance it will be watched. If it is longer, then break it up into a series of videos. Basic rule is that if it’s an instructional video; don’t make it any longer than 5 minutes at a time. If it is a promotional type video, try to limit it to just two minutes. Using professionals like b-MC is the only way to get the right results from a video.


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Apr 08

Great Design Tips for your Card Game

Card games are part of all our history, a much loved selection of games that have been enjoyed throughout the globe for centuries past. As with the majority of our much loved favourite games, they have started their movement into the online world, mixing our much loved traditional games like Poker, with more modern, thoughtful games like ‘Modern Art: The Card Game’. Whichever game you choose to pick, you will see a whole new level of design coming into play that blends the traditional symbols and graphics, with 3 dimensional cards, depicting high end imagery.

Designing your own card game has never been more free and full of the chance to get your expression and ideas across. Thinking of designing your own game? Here are our top tips to help you design the next breakthrough card game this year.


There is a wealth of competition out there for this form of game and with the current hype surrounding online casinos, getting your game seen and played will all depend on the ‘hook’ of your concept. Your concept will need to include the game play sequence; this should include strategy, the pace of play and a certain level of random chance. It is these specifics, especially the strategy, that will get players excited in your product.

Once you have this information, then you will have an idea of how the turns are conducted and what the end goal of your game will be. Each card can then be assessed to see what effect it will have on the play sequence in the game. This is also where you can get an idea of graphics, colour schemes and whether you will include static play or animated sequences.

A great example of how little tweaks to strategy and game play can create a new version of a classic card game is Matchplay 21 available at Intertops Casino. This game uses the classic rules of Blackjack, but has made small changes that have added intrigue into this classic. The graphics are beautifully realistic and even more importantly, they are easy to use/understand. This game remains faithful to the original game, but the designers have considered all the features needed for online gaming, the pace of play, what each card does and the clever use of graphics to make it feel like you are really there.

Now that you have covered the ideas of concept and themes, then designing your game can begin. Before contemplating the layout and backdrop to your game, you need to know exactly what you want to say in the simplest way possible. Start by surveying all the cards used in your game and set a top amount of words per card – if your game has wording – or how many images per card. If you can’t make the card clear with a single image, then you may need to re think your concept.

This will help you to set the right style for your context, remember to look at how your symbols will be used in your game. For example if you are creating the next online monster game, then making the symbols light and airy will not work.

The main difference in designing an online game vs. its offline alternative is that you will also need to set the scene; designing the backdrop becomes just as important as the game play itself. There are many points that you will need to consider here. If you are creating the next bog casino based game, then consider the sounds, sights and smells of a real life casino – these will need to be replicated in order to create a realistic environment. You will also need to think about how the background works from level to level, do you want animated, flash backgrounds or a simple static image that creates atmosphere through sound and game play alone.

Finally, create a short demo of your game, this is one of the most important things to do, as this will tell you whether your game is fun or not! A recent report into designing the perfect game, by suggests;

“People make short demos of their game ideas and play-test those demos to see if their games are fun.  They tweak and iterate on their ideas until they’re polished and fun.”

That’s it! Once you have created a plan based on all these points, you will have a workable baseline from which to work up to creating your final game.





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Jan 31

How Can You Give Your Website That Professional Touch?

The online business advertising and promotional strategies are growing more and more advanced by the day. However, the importance of having a fast-working, professional website still lies at the base of any successful online marketing campaign. You might have really attractive social media pages, and can develop out-of-the-world Android apps for business – but if your website sports an amateurish, unsystematic look, repeat traffic figures would remain low. How can you lend the requisite dash of professionalism to your website? Read on and learn:

Select a relevant domain name – First things first – if the domain name of your website is not related to your line of business, potential customers might get a negative impression about the sincerity of your operations. So, choose a name which will justify the purpose of your business. The layout of the pages – A professional website must not be, in any way, too fancy or gaudy. Make sure that your website design plans include the usage of columns, frames and stylesheets. Choose a light background shade, along with easily legible font styles and colors. After all, you have precious few seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor! Use relevant images – Informative pictures should always be a part of any professional website. Select images of such resolutions, which can be seen without any problems on all types of devices. Use image borders around the pictures, to make your web pages look smart. Go for simple navigation features – If people cannot find what they are looking for on your website quickly, they will simply not linger on your pages. Ideally, have clear tabs near the top of all the pages, which would make it easy for visitors to browse to the section(s) that they are interested in. Make sure that all the internal links are working properly. Smooth navigation features are all the more important for mobile website design. Have a search box and a sitemap – This is a direct extension of the earlier point. Your website should be search-oriented – so that visitors can look up information, simply by typing in their queries in a search box. Having a sitemap also eases navigation issues on any website, apart from helping in SEO campaigns. Use smartly-designed logos – Logos can go a long way in strengthening your brand presence. Make sure that each of the pages on your website has your business logo – right at the top. This will also bring a certain degree of uniformity in your website, which, in turn, would indicate greater professionalism. Utilize whitespace efficiently – There are a lot of business details that you wish to communicate to your prospective clients – so you should cram the web pages with loads of information, right? Horribly wrong! Adopting such an approach can make the website look cluttered, lowering its professional appeal. Keep in mind that, having adequate whitespaces have a pivotal role to play to bring a clean, streamlined appearance to your website. Test the website on different devices – It is no longer enough to ensure that your website runs well on a particular browser on PCs. You cannot predict the browser and/or device people will be using to view your website – and that’s precisely why you need to test your website on all the popular computer web browsers, as well as on smartphones and PDAs. For promoting your website in a better manner to the mobile users, you can also get in touch with an expert mobile app developer.

A thorough idea of the nature of the targeted customers is also essential, to frame the correct, professional website design plans. Update your website content regularly, according to the latest search engine updates. You wish to publicize your business through your website – and the latter needs to have a corporate look and feel about it!