Ice themed Graphical User Interface Pack



Create amazing looking in-game screens with this excellent set of ice themed GUI graphics.  The pack includes:

  • Square background
  • Rectangle background
  • x20 Buttons (including play, credits, scores, replay, help, etc)
  • Themed facebook and twitter buttons
  • Slider for volume and music control
  • Directional arrows for moving character
  • Timer icon
  • Star Ratings
  • 10x Health bar
  • Actions Buttons (including jump, kick, punch, action & pause)
  • Free Font file – Feast of Flesh font  (Angry Birds font)

All files are in game friendly PNGs at sizes which fit the 4x rule (32, 64, 128, 256, 512)

AI and EPS files included so you can chop, change and manipulate.  Some PSDs are also included.