Top Down RPG Assets Pack 01



Top Down Zelda Style RPG Graphic Pack

Anyone who has tried to created a Zelda style adventure game knows it’s a mammoth task due to the amount of graphics needed to create a sprawling world.This is the first graphic pack (of many) which will start to cover the many game elements needed. This first graphic pack consists of over 120+ files and includes:

  • 3x ground tiles
  • 4x buildings
  • 10+ trees
  • Stumps, posts, shrubs and bushes
  • Rocks, cliffs and flowers
  • Logs, barrels, crates
  • Cracks, holes, water feature
  • Wells, stairs, buckets, sacks
  • bookcases, chairs, beds, tables
  • Over 20+ weapons, such as swords, daggers, crossbow, staffs etc
  • Skeletons, ponds, and lots more

Product comes with AI files, EPS files and PNG files at 256×256