World War Two Top Down Shooter Pack



This was the first pack ever created by me which is for a top down (overhead) game set in World War 2.

With this game graphic pack you can make a shooter with a plane, jeep, soldier or tank as the main player or it can be a mixture of them all.  It cold also be used in a tower defense or RTD game.

World War 2 Game Pack: 120 Files

Graphics Include:

2 x types of Aircraft 2 x types of boats
2 x types of jeep
2 x types of tank
(all have separated cannons/guns)

3 x types of Soldier

Boss Boat (with cannons)

Ammo Crate Regular Crate
Land mine
Water mine
C4 bomb
Jungle Hut
2 x bunker
Jungle tree
Jungle bridge
award or collectible star

10 x numbers 13 x buttons

Red Fire Yellow Fire

8 x land/sea tiles

Free army stencil font Color scheme to use

All files are in PNG format sized with resolution in mind (e.g. 128 x 64) so that there will be no split pixels and all are a decent size.
** EPS file included **